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ngTLD summer launches

During summer we are looking forward to several new gTLD launches.

On 21st of July .abudhabi will enter general availability with the mission to enable the digital community and inspire innovation that drives the global promotion of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Followed closely on July 23 by .llc entering general is the best Internet address for current or future US businesses who use or will use the legal designation of Limited Liability Company

The new .charity,a valuable TLD for individuals and organizations that are engaged in philanthropy, charitable giving, cause-related fund raising and other philanthropic initiatives currently in sunrise* until September 8. General availability will start September 19th.

.place re-opens on july 30th with new eligibility requirements related to geofencing technology. The GeoNetwork platform consists of geospatial boundaries and rules of space, used by individual property owners, businesses, local municipalities, and federal agencies. Owners or regulators of space can register a .PLACE domain name (GeoDomain) for use in the GeoNetwork service. .Place domains registered before May 18, 2018 will not be required to fulfill the new eligibility requirement

.קום (xn--9dbq2a) the Hebrew equivalent of .com enters sunrise on 30th of July until 4th of September. General availability opens on November 5th.

On August 27th Sunrise for .page will commence, followed by general availability on October 3rd. .page is another of Googles new gTLDs and will just like .app, require HTTPS for all .page websites requiring HTTPS for all .page websites.

Other launches:

.realestate Sunrise 28/7 – 27/8, GA 27/11

.sport Sunrise 4/9 – 6/11, GA  8/1 2019


*sunrise: a period during which trademark holders may preregister names that are the same or similar to their trademarks in order to avoid cybersquatting.

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